Can anyone tell me if they have received division orders or royalty? It has been a year since the well began producing. If not how do we get the oil co. to pay us?


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I have received nothing from XTO on the Blue Raiders 1-H completed last July, the Hilltoppers 1-H, completed August of last year, the Thundering Herd 1-H, completed in November of last year, the Thundering Herd 2-H completed in November of last year and finally, last but not least, the Golden Eagles, completed in May of last year...........13 months ago!   The only way to get them to move any faster, maybe, would be to lawyer up!

LWB has just had a small "taste" of what it is like to be an XTO mineral owner in this play, SB.  These wells are still within the 120 day window since #1HB just came on in April and #1 came on in February.

Jfree, I seem to remember that the Blue Raiders # 1 was completed in July of 2011, rather than Feb of this year????

You're correct, sir.  I looked at my spreadsheet and saw a -0- in Jan. and a smaller figure in Feb. than Mar. and it looked like a new well because I didn't check prior year column... my bad.  It was actually just shut-in in Jan. & part of Feb. (and last week or two of Dec.) while they drilled the #1HB.  Bright side... y'all will get a check on two wells when they finally do cut one.

jffreel what do you know about a 2nd well?  Is it on the same RM Davis survey? I know very little about this business and when I ask the landman who signed up my relatives he is evasive about information. I have called XTO and they have not given me any information. I am just lost to know what I can do to find out about the wells. Thank you for help.

There is a second well which was drilled in Jan. & Feb. and it came online in April this year.  The surface holes are very close together and one well is in the Bossier interval and one is in the Haynesville interval, one above the other.  They are what is known as "stacked laterals" and they are both technically producing from the Haynesville Shale... just at different vertical depths.

Landmen don't usually have a lot of information about the wells. Land and operations are different dept.s and different people. He probably just didn't want to say he didn't know.

Just to add to the others--I have received nothing yet either.  But did speak with someone from XTO during the time the #1HB was being drilled--February, I believe--It was my understanding that nothing would be sent out until both wells are up and running-could be end of summer/Sept. time frame.   But Jffreel is certainly correct that we should get paid on 2 wells then!

Sweetniece, do you recall who  gave you the info and their phone #?

Spring Branch, I just called the main number in Ft. Worth at the XTO offices and asked for someone who could help me with questions on Royalty Relations.  This is one company who actually talks to you when you call!  Or at least they did this time.

Don't brag on them too much;  after waiting for a year, I finally received my 1st and 2nd checks from XTO on the Black Knights 1-H , but still have not received a Division Order!  The well is also in San Augustine Co.

Has anyone gotten their February 2014 (for prior production) check yet?

Do not know what a prior production check is. Only get my monthly royalty


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