Can anyone tell me if they have received division orders or royalty? It has been a year since the well began producing. If not how do we get the oil co. to pay us?


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I have just about 1000 acres and have really have had no problems with XTO. I usually call and they are prompt to return calls, I have received checks for this well throughout 2013.  I got DO the  first of February of 2014. I have  signed and returned them the first of March 2014.

Robert, do you have a mineral interest in the Banana Slugs 1-H well which is south of the Blue Raiders?  It has been producing since May, 2013.

No interest in the Banana Slugs.

Have been receiving checks from XTO for over a year and just received renewal request on 03.14.2014. Have had no  problem with receiving checks. I signed the Div Orders a little on the low side cause I'm getting too old to wait much longer. I'm 85 with cancer.

Have been receiving checks from XTO for over a year without any problems. Just signed and mailed a DO back to them. I may have went too low, but I'm 84 with cancer and don't expect many  more years to enjoy myself.

Yes, I just signed a DO for this and have been receiving royalty check for the last 1-2 years.

I have been receiving a check from XTO for the Blue Raider Well.  I call the Production Office at the company if I couldn't get it from their web page and ask them if the well is STILL producing and if when did it began, if it stopped, when did it stop.  The tend to answer those questions quickly, I have found.


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