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Hi Mel M.  I am happy for you on your payment.  I talked to XTO today and they informed me that nobody in the Wynne Trust unit had been paid.  They said that we may not be paid for 12 months because Shelby County kept such bad records (?) on heirship.  What the?   We are so angry about this.  They are paying out an estimated amount, they said and that when all 194 people in the 640 acre unit have been verified the correct amount owed will be paid.  Also that you MUST as for the back interest owed you  or you will not get it.  Texas is not required to retro that back to you unless you request it.  I would like to ask if you had been paid anything prior to this check and whether you got division orders first.

HI, I am a new to this site,and not very computer litterate either. i have learned so much from reading the posts. I am trying to find information on the Haley  well.  we just recieved papers about a month and a half ago. and I was wondering if  the Haley well was in your unit too.  I would like to find new flow rates for the haley well, after they have completed the side tracks.  Any infor would be greatly appreciated.

I have seen on a map from the TRRC there is a pipeline close to the Haley GU, Does anyone know if it has been conected? Pretty sure it was completed in February.



I am guessing that you are talking about the Haley G #1, which was drilled by Southwestern and acquired by XTO? It was final completed in February. XTO is turning in production reports for that well so it is definitely connected.

Just FYI, the re-test had an IP of 11.703 MMcfd on a 25/64 choke with a 7785# flowing pressure. Lots better than the first completion.

Feb. 2013: 146,403 mcf

Mar. 2013: 341,299 mcf


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