jffree1 or anyone with knowledge, what's the latest on the R. Dean Hay well WNW or Joaquin.

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Prudhoe B--- do you know size of pad site Classic build in the NA Middleton that would give clue -- 2-3 acres most likely vertical TP if pad 6-7 acres most likely H Shale well.
Adubu, the location pad is 2.64 acres and the wells are supposed to be TP. I do not think that Classic even has deep rights in that area.  If the first one is a good well, mostly likely they will do two or perhaps more in the general area. They have a lot of acreage there as it is on private land, but being done horizontally out to the USA Woods.  It is really Hansel and Gretel type area.  I think I know who has the deep rights, but I do not want to say as I am not positive about it--was told by someone who should know, but I did not like the non-verbal communication look .  LOL  


Having seen the agreement between land owner and Classic, the pad is 500x500 (5.74 acres}.  As I stated earlier, the owner, said at first Classic told him it was for a TP under the National Forrest as Classic does not have the mineral rights in this portion of the N.A.Middleton survey.  If that well were successfull they would try another.

Further discussions with Classic revealed that it would be a Haynsville or Bossier horizontal under the National Forrest.

I know its a lot of maybes, therefore we will all have to wait for the permit.

Talked to the owner recently and he will keep me posted on any developments.

There is one "possible " correlation to this well (USA "Courtney" 2} and  the closeness of the "Courtney Survey", Approx.1.5  miles to the east southeast. 

Prudhoe bay--- Did you see the permit filed by Classic yesterday in the NA Middleton Survey 7800'TP  Horizontal TD 12300' so a 3600' lateral.  Very interesting never seen a Horizontal TP well. Something fishy??? Check it out for us please----Thanks


Thanks for the heads up on this permit. I am very disappointed that the TP is the target, was hoping for a Haynesville or bossier, as a good well in either would have helped many of us with new leases.


I have never heard of a TP horizontal.  Maybe jffree could help us with that statistic.  I guess the best we can hope for is a monster TP completion.  It is going to be interesting to see what the results are for this horizontal.


Regardless,  this is the well I have been talking about for some time and now we know what the target is.

We should not forget that the pad was built large enough to complete two wells.  Your guess is as good as mine as to what might be the target for a second well.


I'll let you know as soon as i know when they move a rig in.



I am unable to find any production data for the 1H or 2H since your posting. Have you continued to receive royalty checks? If so please provide production rates through 2012.



Thanks Jon--- looks like they holding OK could be better on decline for typical shale wells. Thanks hope you post each month when you receive checks. Thanks again



Marg-- that is large enough pad for a shale well but as you said they could just as ease change plans and only drill TP. I would thing that XTO may have the deep rights since they have taken over as operator of the RE-Cycle Unit with a lot of TP wells. Classic, KCS, and Ellora had a lot of the units. Ellora purchased by Exxon who purchased XTO and XTO division of Exxon working all of Shelby area. KCS purchased by PetroHawk which JV with EOG. I don't know if HK/EOG have sold their acreage or not in the area. Classic still controls a lot of their acreage I think.
They will have to change a few things if they drill a shale and add a second one.  We shall see. Money could be involved.  We had a visitor in our home from one of the companies and  I asked who had the deep rights of some of those places.  He said that CHK had the rights to the woods part where someone was going to drill.  They are supposed to be delaying it and I hope they do for a long time.  They are working north and northwest of Joaquin--wish them well and a lot of work there.  I do not know who has that, and he could be wrong, BUT he is in a position to know.  I suppose if someone wanted to know they could research  and find out.  I have heard that Goodrich purchased some of the KCS deep rights.  I have almost lost interest in all of this, but came back to read to see is I could maintain a little interest.  I have some activities that are more educational and worthwhile to many.  Most of us probably have skills that should be utilized to benefit others rather than think of greed and O & G.  LOL I am interested in the shallow oil around there though as it would be cheaper and easier to acquire. 

Yes, I really hated that XTO purchased that out; my income really decreased from the point it was very fast.  Then, I had a lease w/Ellora on another tract; I wish they would have stayed in our area.  I certainly hope Classic stays in the area.  Maximus was good too, but at least they sold to a good company small enough to work with the people, etc.  I knew some gentlemen with Ellora who are very prudent, etc. One is from my area of residence (not Shelby) and they really know the business.  I do not know if we will get a well w/XTO or not and decided not to care. LOL  It is not in Joaquin Field.

MARG---Check out Classic permit a Horizontal TP wells for the USA Courtney #2H


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