SM permits USA #11H, a shallow, multi-lateral fredricksburg well.

3250' deep, 3 laterals, net length probably in the 15,000' range.  Really cheap, pretty conventional in terms of completion.  I think this is one of the first recent ones like this and would love feedback on it.  PR0001882831_0001.pdf


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I think it may be a first well in that formation for SME. Ellora and Samson are the only operators to drill it in recent history and Samson's last attempt was a failure due to mechanical issues of some sort. They were active back in 2008 and got side tracked by HA. It will be interesting to see how SM does with it. I couldn't get your second link to work. Was it the plat?

second link was plat.  having computer trouble tonight.  you may be able to get it from the commission.  Note this is in federal minerals, so its probably going to be a while before it is actually drilled...


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