Helmerich & Payne  #417 spud the Indigo 25H #1 8/7.


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Is there well near Vick still in production?

Great News !! Good luck EOG and the eastern TMS.

Interested parties will be watching this one closely. They already know about what's down there from the old vertical well logs in the Basin Report. It's a matter of lower well costs and flow.

is this the western tms or the eastern eagleford?

In this case it is the Louisiana Tuscaloosa Marine Shale (West) as that is how EOG has permitted it, without the "West" of course.  The term, Louisiana Eagleford" is not inappropriate but the distinction is of little import until some company, hopefully EOG, makes a commercial well.

i do wish eog the best on this well.  i figure indigo is about played out on all the rom properties.   i'm near hot wells / mcnutt and my enthusiasm needs this to happen! 

skip, thank you again for all of your postings.  i always appreciated the rebels!   (bolton '65)

Blackjack do you live in Alexandria?

yes, it's me.

If I am putting 2 and 2 together correctly then I think I knew your mom, dad and brother. Was there an article about you recently in the Town Talk?

two dogs, yes that is me w/ the canoe paddle!  ree and i share 40 ac near mcnutt cemetery.  s. family settled in mcnutt 1880's and p.j.s. owned 1000's of acres along b.r.road, including the blue star store.   daddy bought out cousins in early 60's and 40 is all that is left.   but, beautiful hills (w/ pipeline) and slopes down to williams lake/ swamp.  next to kisatche, so lease might be worth something to someone?

but, probably going to g-kids!  

i do know of a few thousand ac that are still unleased.

Then my hunch was correct.


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