Does anybody know of any lease offers going on in Winn Parish?

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Thanks Jack. I think you are a little north of me. Apologize for the misspell!
Has anyone had any updates in Winn Parish for leasing? How does one get interest from a company to look at their land?

Bret it is best to let them come to you.
I sure wish things would heat up again and they would come find us :) !! I'm not getting any younger and the $$ seem to be shrinking.....BUT I'm holdin' on. I hope they don't get lost on the way to Winn Parish!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to all. We've much to be thankful for.

Does anyone know the extent of the leasing activity by Devon Energy around the Atlanta area?

Long Watch,

Been watching for a response since you posted this, and of course, no one has answered.

We have some acreage near Atlanta and have never been contacted. 

I see the Atlanta field has one horizontal well by Devon last spring. 250 bod or so. It is about five miles from our land.


Any results from 2nd well at Five Forks

1st well making oil, but no new postings

on state web-site.

My husband was presented with a contract for 150/acre and 3/16 royalties for his land in Atlanta. We are clueless about this and don't know if this is a good deal or's in section 21, range 9. What is the going lease rate?


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