Fantasy Oil &Gas Ventures L.L.C, has permitted to drill a well in section26,12north,R2w in Winn Parish. Does anyone have knowledge of this company.

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They have permits to drill 10 wells in 26-12n-2W and James Drilling has permits to drill 6 wells also. The James permits were granted in April so they may have 6 month permits that have run out. Fantasy is out of Natchitoches with Jay Sheffield & James Sheffield being partners. They have been registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State since 1-24-2005. I have never heard of them but that doesn't mean much because I haven't heard of a bunch of folks.

Thank you for the information. It appears with ten permits to drill 10 wells which are shallow wells Fantasy is going to drill a bunch of stripper wells for the Wilcox formation. I have 42 acres in section 20-17-12n-2W. Do you think drilling 10 wells that  these will be stripper wells.

Fantasy has one well that they picked up in 2005 that was plugged and abandoned on 10-31-2005. The Sheffields appear to both be Certified Public Accountants with offices in Natchitoches. This is all that I have found out about them anything else would just be speculation on my part.

Are you any relation to Jack Snow that use to be a pro wrestler?

Sorry, that has taken so long to answer your question, but I have been out of pocket. Jack Snow is no relation to me. My father was born and raised in Winn Parish with three other brothers and only which one is still living Lewis Snow who lives at Hudson La.

Would like to make everyone aware that there is a good article in the Clarionledger Newspaper today in Jackson Miss., which reads Rual LA.Miss. brace for the Tuscaloosa Drilling. 

Clarionledger.Com to view article.



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