Partial Section 24 and full Section 25 - 9N - 4W (+/- 960 acres), White Oak Creek Field.

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Skip, Thanks for the info. Glad to see they are drilling another well. Appears they are going to an area where a 10,000 foot well was drilled in past years. Hope that is a trend since there are a number of old wells around that depth in the surronding area.

A small energy company (whose name escapes me) applied for three or four Mooringsport Zone units within the last sixty days or so in this same general area.  Devon filed an objection to their application.  Then some mutual agreement was worked out for the application to go forward.  Devon is a very experienced and capable operator they are just sooooo damn slow.  They would say deliberate but their partner in the first horizontal Mooringsport well would disagree.  LOL!

Skip, do you think Devon my be trying to develop Mooringsport formation and branch out with drilling in Winn Parish.

Joe, Devon makes very few public announcements about their field operations.  It's extremely difficult to have an opinion with so little hard evidence.

Skip, thanks for the information I have been out of pocket for a few days. I do have another question about Wanger Oil who has applied for a permit to plug and abanboned the well that they have drilled in Winn Parish, was this a dry hole.

There is nothing in the database at this time to indicate a dry hole although that is the most likely reason for the P&A.

Devon's new permitted well in the White Oak Creek Field.  Drilling a very long lateral.  Any thoughts on this new location.  Encouraging they are making another attempt.  Thx



Devon obviously thinks there is the possibility to make a commercial well with a longer lateral.  The permit allows for ~7079'.  We'll have to wait and see the actual length of the horizontal wellbore.

Devon Donner also has a well permitted in Grant Parish in the Blue Lick Creek area at 9800 feet. Think it may be a vertical well going into the Mooringsport. The long lateral on the well you mentioned is very interesting, plus this site you referenced is close to an old well site many years back that was about 10000 feet deep. Hope they continue some activity.

Glen, it appears that Devon reached the vertical depth and are preparing to drill the lateral hopefully this will be a productive well which encourage more drilling for liquids in Winn Parish.

I'm hearing reports of lease offers in Winn associated with Devon although I don't have the name of the land company making the offers at this time nor the specifics of the offers.

Thank you Skip, for this insight as a property owner .Hopefully there will be more formations found that are productive.


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