With Range drilling two step out wells in Jackson Parish I hope that northeast Winn Parish could fall under this new play. From what I have read on this site that the area in north east Winn is over pressurized. Do any land men have a comment.

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Joe, the two MRD/Range step out wells are a long, long way from the closest part of NE Winn Parish, geologically speaking.  The Terryville Complex of stacked Cotton Valley sands is a conventional reservoir, not an unconventional reservoir.  Therefore it will not be consistently and continuously productive over a large area such as the millions of acres covered by the Haynesville Shale.   Islands of productive CV likely exist across N LA so it is possible that Winn, or other parishes, may eventually be explored with new technology however the combination of overpressure and liquids is not a given even where the CV may have economic reserves of dry gas.   It is a good turn of events for Range Resources to become the primary operator of the Terryville Complex.  We will have to wait and watch how they proceed from here.


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