I am trying to get some initial test results.  There has been nothing new on SONRIS for weeks.  The wells I am following have been in production for about three weeks.  My question is, will SONRIS be updated when wells are online for a month?  When should I expect to see something?

Thanks for any info.

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You want the WH-1 report that is in the well file in the Document Access portion of the SONRIS database.  Provide me with a well serial number and I will check.  If the WH-1 has been entered in the database, I'll post the steps required to find it.

Thanks Skip!






Range never gets in any rush to report completions.  The wells you listed are all reported as Shut In between 11/8 and 12/16 and were Waiting On Completion on those dates.   I have recently pointed out some Range wells to the Office of Conservation that have been producing for a year without filing completion reports.  Although they are an extreme case, it often takes Range 90 days to report completion data.  The Office of Conservation will post the completion data to SONRIS soon after Range submits the reports.  Whenever that is.


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