Hi - I am in Lincoln Parish and for the last week  - or maybe two, I was  hearing explosive booms and had what appeared to be a seismograph type equipment placed in my front yard. Dawson Geophysical trucks were around for the past week, just hovering!. 

There was a lot of activity(trucks) where I live this morning and I noticed when I left for church the seismograph equipment was gone from my yard and the other properties along the the highway.

Can you tell me what is going on?   I researched Dawson and I understand what the seismic testing is, but I don't know what the testing means at this time for me. Do they suspect oil/gas in our neighborhood or are they just doing something that is routine?



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In a nutshell, they're looking for evidence of oil and gas. If the evidence is good, they'll be drilling for it. If the evidence is not good, they'll go away. What this means to you depends on whether you own mineral rights. If the seismic survey yields good results, and if you own mineral right that have not been leased, you'll do well to ask a lot of questions. 

The most recent wells drilled in Lincoln parish have been good, but not great. Future wells in the area could be worth the effort and expense, or not. Seismic data will be used to make the decision on where and whether to drill, or not,

FEW, what is your specific location in Lincoln Parish?  If you could provide a section-township-range, it would be helpful for any member wishing to reply.

Skip - yes I own mineral rights that have been leased by MRD. I am in Section 29 township, 18 North Range , & 3 West.


I think MRD commissioned the seismic shoot as part of their due diligence for expanding their drilling program.  Owing to your location I think that MRD is not necessarily wondering if you have economic hydrocarbons but more interested in planning surface locations and landing depths for wells.  Most of the recent MRD wells are in line with the production of other Terryville Complex wells.  I suspect that the less productive wells that DSR refers to are further east (east side of 18N-3W and further east through 18N-2W).  Those wells produced less gas on average although some were certainly economic even without the liquids produced further to the west.  Since you are on the west side of 18N-3W I think you are in a much better location.

Thank you for your response.

As always, your response is clear and concise, especially for a person like myself who is new to this oil & gas discussion.


You're welcome.  Good luck on getting wells in the future.  It may take a few more months before we see development activity from Range Resources.


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