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The movie puts the blame squarely where it belongs. British Petroleum.

I'll look forward to comments on the accuracy...

I think it is pretty accurate.  Absolute chaos on the rig after the explosions.  There was no "putting out the fire".  It was all about survival.  BP cut corners and the workers paid the price.  Then the lawyers extorted billions out of BP. 


It will be many years before an accurate judgement can be made regarding the court approved damage payments versus the environmental damage.  Energy companies that cut corners and endanger workers have no moral standing to complain about litigation and court rulings. 

I don't think that a local recreational (as in just for fun) fisherman based in Cocodrie should be awarded 6 figures. And that happened.
If you are on the side of that then, we will agree to disagree.

Got some proof?  Post it.

Of what. Ask around. It happened. The settlements were confidential as the lawyers took their third. I don't care to argue about it.

I could see a commercial fisherman receiving a six figure damage settlement but not a recreational fisherman.  Without some proof you're right, its not worth discussing. 

Skip and Jay, It may have been a fishing guide. BP went out of their way to make those guys happy.

Some folks did not get any compensation because they couldn't prove they ever made a dime.  Seems the good folks hadn't paid taxes in business. .... So I am supposed to feel sorry for them?  That's a tough call...not.


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