I am trying to get an understanding of how large a 40 acres plot is vs. a 640 acre section.

When I plot the well coordinates on Google earth for several wells that are in a section, It gives me the impression that 40 acres go all the way up to Shreveport. But when I plot the coordinates for a well in say another section, it appears to be only .95 miles away.

Does Sonris list every well that is in a section? Or could there be 100s of wells in a particular section?

For example, does section 24-12N-12W have anything to do with section 19-12N-11W? Can both those section be included in two different 640 acre units?

Thanks, just trying to get some clarity.

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Ken--- 40 acres = 1,728,000 Sq Ft  or 0.0625 Sq mile--  640 acres = 27,878,400 Sq Ft or 0ne Sq mile----- the question how many well in a 640 acre unit depends on the allowable spacing for well formation drilled--- if spacing is 80 acres then 8 wells can be drilled or if 160 acres only 4 wells in unit can be drilled.  Hope this answers your question

Ken, Sonris lists every well that has a surface location in that section.  One or more of those wells could be horizontal with the lateral drilled and producing from an adjacent section.   

To add, hopefully not the the confusion, you may have multiple formations that are productive in a section, such as Cotton Valley, Haynesville, and Bossier.  Assuming each formation is produced on 80 acre spacing, you could have 640/80x3 = 24 wells in a fully developed section.

A 640 acre square section is 1 mile on each side. A 40 acre portion of that would be 1/4 of a mile on each side.

The well has to have 5 acres, right?



The surface facility for a well can be just about any size.  Shallow wells generally require smaller pads, while deeper wells can require larger pads exceeding 5+ acres.  Where possible and practical, multiple wells may be drilled of the same pad, such that in high density scenarios, a single, say seven acre pad, might support 6-12 wells, with net 1 acre required per well.  In really high density scenarios (uncommon) you can approach 1/4 acre per well on a pad. 

Or did you mean how much of the sub surface has to be allocated to a well?



Ken---most well in texas have avg 40-80  acres spacing unless very tight sands --- most Horz wells are at least 80-160 acres spacing some tight sands like the CV in East Texas are 20 acre spacing--- it is base on geology of what a well can drain to deplete the formation ---this is set by the RRC of Texas


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