Jobs for Shreeveport? Schlumberger making expansion announcement

Associated Press, 03.20.09, 12:12 PM EDT

Schlumberger Ltd., the world's largest oil field services company, is expanding its operation in Shreveport.

Company spokesman Stephen Harris would not provide details, but says an announcement will come later Friday involving a 250,000-square-foot expansion in the city. Shreveport is close to the Haynesville Shale, a major natural gas find and considered one of the largest new domestic fields in years in the United States.
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It's unclear how many jobs might be involved in the expansion.

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I know Halliburton just wrapped up an exclusive agreement with Enacana/Shell for everything.

Who does a better frac job, Halliburton or Schlumberger?
Halliburton, Shlumberger just lost a big contract becasue of a very costly mistake, they somehow cemented up over 2000ft ot drill pipe, they fired them on the spot and had to call out an HB coiled tubing rig. They are definitely the most expensive but you get what you pay for, it's the difference between 24MMCFD or 8MMCFD,
Just curious.....I understand that you are saying that Schlumberger made a very costly mistake. But, are you saying that Schlumberger is the most expensive or Halliburton?
Are you being complimentary to Schlumberger or Halliburton when you mention "you get what you pay for" on pricing/difference of 24MMCFD or 8MMCFD?
Halliburton is more expensive and I am being more complimentary towards them.


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