Hey guys , anyone know anything about Petroguard drilling and production?  I found alittle bit of information about them online after a brief search.    They have been in Avoyelles parish for a long time in the Wilcox play just south of bunkie close to I-49.  They are making lease offers in central  Evangeline parish along hwy 106.

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Thanks for the info Skip.... that brightens my outlook tremendously!

It's good news as far as it goes.  There are still rumblings out there concerning EOG that don't sound so good.  I'll try to add some detail in the near future if I can confirm. 

The same parameters apply to negotiating a lease and the terms which are important based on each particular circumstance regardless of the lessee's name.  I think we would all prefer to have Marathon drill our horizontal AC wells as opposed to Petro-Guard.

Any confirmation of struggles with EOG and the eagle ranch unit?

Future EOG drilling of planned wells in Avoyelles/St. Landry?

3-D shoot in progress?

 Landmen working for Amelia Resources, Orbit, Petroguard doing lots of researching.

I would say it is!

What  is John?

So John you’re thinking Marathon can handle the AC in Louisiana ?  

EOG struggling with Eagle Ranch well!  

AC quite a bit deeper here

I think Marathon Oil is as capable as anyone. If you go back and look at the history of AC drilling, one well does not make the field its that one in ten that makes it very worthwhile. Very good articles on the history of the AC. What was salvage equipment to one operator turned into a gold mine for others.

Chasing the AC as it descends off Edwards Shelf  is the challenge I hear.   But So Says that’s where the Chalk is most porous and permeable with lots of natural fractures due to the stress of the descent.   Landing in that reservoir and going horizontal sounds very challenging !

No new alternate well or unit applications and no new well permits for EOG at this time in any parish.

I'd also be interested if there are any reports regarding actual on the ground operations associated with the seismic shoot.

Furthermore I would like to know if any of those busy landmen are working for EOG?

Hydrocarbonite, Does anyone know just where the Edwards Shelf is located


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