Did anyone have an opportunity to attend the meeting at the library in Ruston on September 27th?  NARO event.  Steve Venturatos with MRD/Range was to be present.  

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I applaud Range for being pro active, but it looks like NARO is having a tough time getting attendance for their events:

September 2016

Date Information
Office Closed
NARO Texas Fuel Yourself With Knowledge - San Antonio
 NARO Pennsylvania Town Hall- Washington PA 9/13/16  Washington & Green County PA Town Hall Meeting
 NARO Pennsylvania Town Hall- Ellwood City PA 9/14/16  Beaver/Lawrence County PA Town Hall Meeting - Ellwood City
 NARO Pennsylvania Town Hall- Indiana PA 9/14/16  Indiana County PA Town Hall Meeting
NARO Texas Fuel Yourself With Knowledge - Dallas 9/20/2016 CANCELLED
NARO California Fuel Yourself With Knowledge - Bakersfield 9/21/2016  http://www.naro-us.org/event-2306705
NARO Texas Fuel Yourself With Knowledge - Houston 9/27/2016 CANCELLED

NARO Louisiana Fuel Yourself with Knowledge - Ruston LA
9/27/16  Fuel Yourself With Knowledge - Ruston Louisiana

I don't think those were cancelled due to attendance issues.  The national conference is in Dallas next week and the Texas meetings were possibly moved to later dates so as to focus the TX membership towards the national conference.  (but now I'm speculating too).  

I do know the Ruston conference signup exceeded the original maximum attendance set, and that the National conference has healthy attendance (which should be expected when held in Texas).

Glad to hear that.  Thanks.


Mr. Venturatos had abt 45-50min but very limited QA had to catch plane, but he said some encouraging things. I’ll try to be factual; however, I may well have been listening  thru “rose tinted” hearing aids. Came away with these facts/ impression:

Steve had been With MRD abt 5yrs based in Houston – Now RRC employed abt 5days transferred to Ft Worth. Introduced as Director of Land (MRD or RRC ??) but talked with authority.

RRC staff older,  most employed with Range 15 yrs+/-,

RRC still has major holdings in Penn Marcellus BUT now major interest in N LA and Terreville Sands.  Implied MRD didn’t have the funds to develop as rapidly as RRC but RRC does and looking for mineral acreage by lease and purchase of producing property. Seem focused on wet gas from Terreville Sands. RRC has set up N LA division and staffing now. Implied RRC thru more experience will be able to reduce cost in overall but emphasized reduced frack cost


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