Production Information - Weyerhaeuser 15-10 H - Jackson Parish

Range's Weyerhaeuser #1 well located in Jackson Parish (Sec. 15 - T16N-R1W) was completed Dec. 4, 2016.  To date - Sonris has yet to provide Production information for this well.  Would anyone in the Forum have any information on this well ?


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Thanks Skip!

No charge, John. Now when your check comes in the mail, will you ask for interest on your delayed payments?

john, I need to add a comment.  If you have not already sent a demand letter for payment of delinquent royalty, you will not be able to make a further demand for interest on past due royalty.  A demand letter sent by certified mail begins the clock on a thirty day window for the operator, in this case Range Resources, to respond.  If they pay up before thirty days, no interest.  If they do not pay and make some excuse for non-payment, you will have still satisfied the demand and thirty day response period which maintains your right to seek interest after payments begin.

Why are there two separate LUW codes showing production for each month? Do you add up the production shown for each LUW to get the total production amount?

This is a HC well.  Horizontal Cross.  It is producing from two separate and distinct drilling and production units.  Each unit has its own LUW code number.  The production is allocated to each unit based on the percentage of perforated lateral that lies in each.  Yes, you add the two production volumes to get the well total.  Unless you own minerals in both units however, there is no need to do so. 

This is from an earlier reply in this thread.  LCV RA SU 54 is composed of the E/2 of Section 15 & the W/2 of Section 14.  LCV RA SU61 is the E/2 of Section10 and the W/2 of Section 11.

Also, the LUWs have been assigned. 617994 for the LCV RA SU54 and 617995 for LCV RA SU61.


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