Has anyone been contacted by leasing agents for Eagle O&G for new leases in Shelby County - Haynesville prospects "left behind" from the 2008 boom?

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Reagan, when you have a location specific question it is best to post a discussion in the group for that particular area.  When you post a discussion on the Main Page you are taking the chance that someone with knowledge of Shelby County will see it before it rotates down and off the page.  Not all members check in every day and the person(s) you need to connect with might not show up in time.

When you post a discussion on a group page, in this case Shelby County, all the members signed up for that group get an email alerting them to the new discussion.  To have the best chance to get some useful information I suggest that you join the Shelby County Group and post your discussion there.  Here is a link to the Shelby County Group page.  Good luck.




You're welcome.  It's good to hear that Eagle is interested in Shelby County.

They are specifically inquiring about our interest in the John O. Banks survey, A-1185. They are calling it their Cobra Prospect.

Reagan, I don't see your discussion in the Shelby County Group.


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