Is anyone familiar with either of these companies?  They have contacted quite a few landowners to purchase their minerals.

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They are among a number of companies that have been active buying mineral rights and/or royalty in Lincoln Parish for the last couple of years.  Some have working relations with others.  Some have connections to Wildhorse/MRD. You can access all their conveyances in the Lincoln Parish public records.


You're welcome.

Springbok is an NGP portfolio company (Wildhorse, MRD, PennTex)

The relationships include and go beyond NGP.

In contrast, Live Oak Royalties has no affiliation with any operating company. 

Live Oak has executed almost two hundred acquisitions in the area over the last couple of years. 

There are a number of mineral and royalty deeds recorded in Lincoln Parish by companies with no affiliation with WR/WRM/MRD or NGP.  The Terryville Complex has been the focus of a number of mineral/royalty investors for the last three years..  Andrew, any idea why Live Oak Royalties is not registered with the LA SOS?


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