Drilling has just been completed in my unit....the term "tight hole" has been mentioned during discussion between neighbors, but no one knows what this term means.

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It seems like every HS well has been a tight hole.
And that will probably continue.
Simply put A tight hole is, The Company does not want any information about what is happening at the well site . This may be so the company may think that they might encounter problems drilling the well and don't want that information out to other Companies working in the area. Or they might want to deal with other Companies on their acreage.
Thanks..... will the operating company tend to keep information confidential only if it is a good well or might they also keep information confidential if the well doesn't meet expectations?
I have been told not to release any info on CV wells after logging, said we were on the "biggest thing in North LA". Now those wells are making 40MCFD. But, being tight on a HS well is usually a good sign.
iamwhatham and BirdDawg, I appreciate the information. I've been checking on the Sonrise website and recently found out that information is published in the Sunday business section of the newspaper, but didn't realize there was a local number that I could call. Anyway time will tell and the neighbors and I will remain hopeful. Thanks again.
a tight hole, how could that ever be bad
Getting close to the out of bounds line!!!!!
they don't don't want you to know about it--The O&G companies do not want to give out any more info than they have to--
It also means that the hole is tight......meaning they might have had some problems running the drillstring in/out of the well in certain formations. If the shale gets wet (absorbs to much water) it will swell up and make the hole "tight" that is one of the reasons that they change the mud from water base to oil base before drilling into the HS formation.
On a Cohort site in Sec. 17, 16n 13w, on the road entering the drilling site, along with the signs of the drilling company, there is a sign posted "Tight Hole No Trespassing".


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