Tellurian (NASDAQ:TELLagrees to acquire natural gas producing assets and undeveloped acreage in northern Louisiana's Haynesville Shale from an unnamed private seller for $85M.

The assets include 9,200 net acres with up to 138 operated drilling locations, ~1.3T cf of total natural gas resource potential, 19 producing operated wells with net current production of 4M cf/day, and associated natural gas gathering and processing facilities with substantial additional capacity; the assets are 100% held by production and 92% operated.

TELL expects full cycle cost of production and transport to markets of ~$2.25/MMBtu, which represents a significant savings to current natural gas prices.

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Not that I am aware of.  Of course they can always go out and hire a contract operator with Haynesville Shale experience.  It is not often discussed but Indigo employs a contract operator, Brammer Engineering.

I just read another article on this and they don't plan on bringing their LNG plant up until 2022.  May not be a bad thing to have tier 2 and tier 3 rock seeing as how a lot of the tier 1 acreage is being and has been drilled heavily over the last couple of years at low gas prices :) 

The Core and all Tiers have expanded with the advent of the new completion designs.  Now there is a lot more acreage considered  Core and Tier One than there was six years ago.  One of the advantages of the Haynesville Basin that drew new companies and their Private Equity backers was proven acreage that was lightly developed.  The bulk of reserves were still intact.  The heavily drilled, old core acreage is a rather small footprint and a modest number of units compared to what is considered economic today.


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