Whiting Permitted  #247223  L SMK RA SUA; Langford 4H 001 Horizontal well Sec 4 - 22N - 7W  Claiborne Parish  Vertical Depth 11,581'  MD 18,153'  11/7/2013

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Sorry. My tablet is acting up.


I heard same rumors. I think my rumors were from different source than yours. I do think there is validity in these rumors. My sources told me that there was a 15 foot flare and that they have been hauling oil from well. I was down there a couple of weeks ago and both Baker-Hughes and Schlumberger personnel were on-site.

I am hoping they drill Garland brothers location will be next. My land is about 5 miles north of Garland property.


Our land is probably about the same distance ENE of the Langford as yours is WNW, but I hope both of us are in luck!


I tried to send you a message via e-mail but couldn't for some reason. Anyway, thanks for sharing the rumor. I hope Whting can figure this out and get a good well away from the natural fracture area in Union Parish. The current hypothesis is that the Monroe uplift has caused natural fractures in central union and that's why those wells produce so well compared to others further away. If Whiting can make a good one it will show other producers that it's possible and maybe they will share info to figure this all out. Or maybe Wildhorse will take over and take care of business :)

2/27/15  Langford 4H 001 Horizontal well Sec 4 - 22N - 7W  Status changed to 36 Shut-in waiting on pipeline. 

Jon, another document at SONRIS shows a state potential test for the Langford. On 10/30/14  it was gauged at 4 barrels of 39 gravity oil per day, 144 barrels water per day, and 1305 MCFD of gas through a 32/64 inch choke. Plugged back total depth is 15800 feet. Flowing tubing pressure was not given. Shut-in tubing pressure was 6500 psi. These numbers don't sound so good to me.



I agree, does not look good.  Terrible Numbers.  Thanks for the info.



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