Heard Encana was pulling out of Amite County, anybody heard this?

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Contrary to the "pulling out" rumor,Encana has secured new permits for Anderson 17-2 and 17-3. To a layman like myself, it seems like they would want to move to other acreage to secure it by production, but I am sure the economy of staying in the present location must offset that. Plus, it should answer questions about how much of the potentially recoverable reserve in one location truly is recoverable through intense development effort in that spot.
Has anyone heard of any new wells about to be drilled in amite county?

Encana just started drilling this week next to Anderson 17H1(same unit different pad)  will be drilled on same location, after that one will be drilled near Anderson 18H1(same unit different pad). Another Encana rig may be brought in this Spring. Everyone is waiting on results of Ash wells(Encana) and Crosby well(Goodrich).

Have you heard what the activity at the Joe Jackson 4h-2 site is about?

Everyone is waiting on results of Ash wells(Encana) and Crosby well(Goodrich).

If results are really good will there be a rush to get rigs in?

Any updates on the proposed Neyland well in south Amite County?  Months ago the property was surveyed and stakes were set at the road showing where to install culverts, road and aprons.  It has been quiet since.

How many wells are proposed to be drilled in Amite County this year?

Encana is currently drilling two and Goodrich has announced one.

There are somewhere around a dozen in various stages of readiness for drilling from discussion to surveyed to actual pad ready.  Several have been permitted, but some have not.

The five wells recently/currently being fracked and the three wells being drilled in the first six months of this year will provide these companies with information to decide to leave, continue cautiously, or accelerate activities....we shall see.

Thanks, I just realized the Miss Oil and Gas board docket on the main page.Looks like hearing are every Friday. That is when new permits are announced?

I wonder if anyone has an update on the Ash wells?  Goodrich which is very much tied to the success of the TMS, is up over 14% since March 1, on no official news.  Are the wells done fracing?

Still fracking. They are fracking both wells at the same time and are only getting about 2 stages a day completed, last I heard. They had about 28 stages left to go as of a week or so ago, so they should be in the home stretch, unless they have run into problems since last week. Slow going I guess with 1 well getting 750k lbs. of proppant per stage and the other getting 1 million per stage supposedly.

The wells so far have been spaced out across the county. If one of the new wells produces big, will they start filling in the area around it. Putting well units next to each other instead of randomly spaced.


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