Any news on the Ash well? I heard the crew pulled out. No one there.  Anyone know why?

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I heard the crew pulled out. No one there.  Anyone know why?


I would like to know. I will be close the the area this weekend may make a driveby to see if I can see anything.

Thanks, onesock.

The 31H-1 was spud last night according to the Tuscaloosa Blog.

Any update on the Ash well?

Seven days drilling ahead as of Friday, Nov. 16.

It looks like from traffic patterns that the frack op is underway

just an observation, not a fact

Any updates on this important well?


I ran across this communication on the Miss O&G Board site. In a communication from EnCana to MSOGB : EnCana Oil & Gas (USA) Inc. respectfully requests that the log for the Ash 31H#1 (API#2300520745-10) remain confidential for 6 months, per Rule 24(b).

Anyone have ideas for what reason that request might be made? Why would they not want to disclose the well log? This was received by the MSOGB on December 20th, 2012.

Mr. Charles:

If you found a gold mine, would you want the "detailed map" of it published for everyone to see?

These modern horizontal electric logs are critical data points that help to identify the “sweet spots” in the play. There are other data points such as production etc. that are also key factors in proving up the good acreage also.

It's a fine line these operators walk. They need to keep things on somewhat of a low, low, status (from outside operators not in the play yet and currently un-leased mineral owners etc.)  but they have to blow the trumpet somewhat to the investor- JV community to keep the investment money rolling into their doors to fund their drilling programs.

EnCana, Devon, Goodrich, Halcon etc. (that already have large TMS positions in the play) have data sharing agreements wherein they share this type of data amongst themselves. However, I believe it may be in their best interest to keep this information from outside Operators who have not already come into the play.

The less competition for un-leased acreage, the cheaper they are able to continue getting it from the TMS mineral owners. Always follow the money and you will find the answers.

The operators are not in this play, or any other play, for the benefit of the mineral owners. They are there for their own benifit.  That is why it is so very important for all mineral owners to educate themselves and seek out all of the tools necessary to enable them to reach a “fair and reasonable” agreement with the operators.

Hope this perspective is of some benefit.

Thanks John

It was. Thanks for the insight, Mr. Parker. It is appreciated.

Regards, Charles

I see that they're laying a pipe about 8" in diameter along the road near this well.  I would assume that this pipe is to supply frack water?  It runs east a couple of miles from the well and if it's for water, I would assume they're headed to Beaver Creek with it.

How much longer on the frac job?


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