any activity in sect17 12n 09w

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Jeffery, the short answer is it has been quiet in your area.  There have been some great wells drilled nearby.


EnCana, CE Milner 8 #H1 Well, Serial #240844, S8-T12N-R9W, Red River Parish, 24216 Mcfd, 25/64" Choke, 9053 psi Flowing Pressure, 13 Stages

EnCana, BO Jones 16 #H1 Well, Serial #240625, S16-T12N-R9W, Red River Parish, 20116 Mcfd, 21/64" Choke, 7934 psi Flowing Pressure, 12 Stages

We just got notice that Shell will spud a well in Sec 21-T12N-R9W in March 2012


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