EnCana Permits New Haynesville Shale Well in Liberty Field (10/27/11)

After a lull in activity EnCana has permitted a new Haynesville Shale well in Section 12 of T12N-R2W.  The surface location is actually in Section 11 east of Parish Rd 139 but the lateral will be drilled and completed in Section 12.  I have attached the well application with plat for information.


EnCana, WKP Prop 12 #H1 Well, Serial #244006, S11(12)-T12N-R9W

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Les, the Haynesville is apparently fairly poor in this area.  Could this be a  Bossier test?  I own some minerals in Section 6 of 12/8 and had just about given up on getting a well drilled there.  This Encana well in Section 12 of 12/9 would be a SW diagonal offset.

SB, I had thought this may be a Bossier Shale test but will need to see the survey information to determine the target zone.


There are some excellent Haynesville Shale wells ~ 2+ miles to the west and it is unclear the factors that contributed to the lower rates in this area. 

Les, a concern I have about eastern Red River Parish in general is that even some to the wells that have excellent IP's (though usually on 24 or 26 chokes) within a matter of just a very few months are producing less than 100 million cu.ft./month and heading south from there.  They just don't seem to hold up and as a result, there is no way the EUR's are in the 6 Billion range.

Hi Spring Branch,

I certainly understand your concerns; I have a small interest in a well right next door - Section 7.  The puzzle to me is why there has not been an effort to check out the Bossier Shale in this area, though.  Both PHK and Encana maps show this area as "core" for Bossier Shale; for HS I think it is fair to say it has generally been "fringe of the core, possibly with some problems that would have to be resolved to get good EUR's".  My hope, longterm, is that Encana got the leasehold here on such good terms that it would not make good business sense to NOT go after the Bossier Shale in the area to retain it, even if the Bossier Shale is in general going to yield slightly lower EUR's (I think the estimates are close, but HS has a projected higher yield per section).  So I am probably being wildly optimistic; if anyone has arguments either supporting or countering this view, I would love to hear them.  I would also note that the last Liberty Field well to be completed is outperforming earlier efforts, came in with a CP of nearly 9000#, and has remained above 100,000 MCF so far (about 6 months); there are certainly much more impressive superwells out there, but I sort of thought this one looked respectable, based on a very inexpert opinion (this is 241525, Sustainable FST 36HB, in S36-13N-08W, very close to both our sections).  So I have also been hoping that they are slowly perfecting technique for the conditions in this area.  Once again, perhaps wildly optimistic thinking.

New well permit #244374 s3/t12n/r8w in Liberty field.  Most eastward one in RR Parish yet, I believe.


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