The initial flow test results for the well in Section 12 of T12N-R9W have been posted on Sonris.  The flow test results are shown below are encouraging as they are somewhat improved over the earlier tests by nearby wells.  The completion depth indicates this well is likely producing from the Bossier Shale rather than the Haynesville Shale.


EnCana, WKP Prop 12 #H1 Well, Serial #244006, S11(12)-T12N-R9W, Red River Parish, 7581 Mcfd, 13/64" Choke, 8239 psi Flowing Pressure, 17 Stages


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Hi Les,

Thanks much for the update on this well; I have been following it, but had not checked in a little while :-)

Two questions:

1) I presume this well is on the surface in sect 11 but crosses the section line into sect 12 for the horizontal run?  I am guessing you would know this info from the docs buried in full-blown sonris; I still use sonris lite.  The GIS map does not show the bottom hole for this well; the sonris lite listing does show lambert bottom hole coords, but that does not help me a lot.


2)  You say the well is likely Bossier Shale, and I believe you.  I noted that it is at about 12,673 ft for last entered TVD per sonris lite.  My well of interest, 240843, in T12N-R8W-S7, effectively one mile due east, looking at the GIS maps, has a last TVD of 12,200 ft per sonris lite, but we believe it to be HS (and while it was one of the better producers in this area, it was maybe a third as productive as this new well, adjusting for choke; it also produced a lot of water).  Did we perhaps conclude it is HS once again due to other records not in sonris lite about the TVD?


Thanks again; exciting that Encana is finally looking at the Bossier Shale in this area and finding something!  I presume that if this well produces nicely, that will make it more likely they will retain leases in this area for the Bossier potential.


1) I have attached the permit well that includes a plat for the planned well path.


2) The TVD of the well in your section is 13861 ft so about 1200 ft deeper than the well in Section 12.  


Hi Les,

Thanks again; I just noticed that I was reading the TVD's from the top, not the last entry...  Silly mistake.


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