jffree1 or anyone with knowledge, what's the latest on the R. Dean Hay well WNW or Joaquin.

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I have been told that they are both flowing about 5 MMcfd but I haven't seen a completion report on them yet.
Goodrich reports S/L R. Dean Hays wells results-----#1H the Haynesville well IP 5.7 million mcfd and the #2H the Bossier well 5500 psi and IP 8.6 million mcfd. Not great but a least not bad. Just need NG prices to get back one day to > 6-7 for them to drill any more in this area. If I had royalty in well I would be happy for not too bad for royalty owners. For GDP spending 16+ million on the 2 wells not as good ----that will not do much more that payout at $4 NG. They don't need drilling practice to trade money just to drill. It looks like the Bossier is better than the Haynesville in this area.

Any current information on the R. Dean Hay #1 and #2 wells?

it will most likely show up on the Texas RRC site in few months
They scheduled a conference call for the first week of May.  Hopefully they will report on these and the two down south... maybe a press release on operations.

Per royalty check

                      Dec          Jan          Feb

1H               55,672     150,551   108,840

2H               81,016     196,303   127,415


Jon--- you have any knowledge that the R Dean wells production has drop to almost nothing in last month??? Hope only rumor. GDP has no comment on the wells in conference call. Call royalty relations with GDP since you have royalty in the well for a update on wells please and post findings--Thx


1H        101,352

2H        113,382 also made 185 bbl



Thanks for info, but if I may ask, you stated "also made 185 bbls" for 2H, the question is.

185 bbls of what, oil, condensate, I hope not salt water??????

 Thank you

PB-- I am sure it condensate that what most little amount of liquid that is produced in the shale


Thats what I figured also.  Haven't heard of any Haynesville or Bossier wells producing any liquids this far south.  Sure would be nice if this holds for the Bossier as it may give a little impetus to the operators to pick up some of the unleased property outside of the Joaquin area.


Note from our previous discussion [about a month ago], concerning Classics USA Courtney 2 in the N.A. Middleton survey, the road and pad have been completed.  Just waiting for permit application to see what they are going to drill to, Would be nice if they went for the Bossier and came in with a well as good or better than the  R Dean Hay 2. 

PB-- let me know when you learn what classic plans


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