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Nabors Drilling 624 reported 26 days Drilling Ahead @ 16,681', 3/20.

Nabors Drilling 624 reported 33 days Drilling Ahead @ 11160', 3/27.

Did they break and pull back ?  I heard and read that they were fishing ....


Obvious mechanical issues of some sort.  Not an unusual occurrence.  The TMS is challenging to drill.

Nabors Drilling 624 reported 40 days Drilling Ahead @17105', 4/3

This Rig has been disassembled ...They must have this hole drilled

Somewhere around 44 days.  Without any problems, that's about right for the MD.  It will be interesting to see where the Nabors 624 goes from here.  It may show up on Friday's rig report.  Thanks, Kevin.

I think there is a new permit in Tangi Parish....Conerly 5H next to the Verberne site.I heard they maybe headed there.....Also heard they might be heading  West to the Wilmer Field ..This info came from a Driver hauling mud from the W Alford well about 3 weeks ago......We ll see...

GDP has 13 open permits.  The most recent are in Tangi and Wilkinson. 


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