Does anyone know if any 3D seismic surveys are being done in Winn? If so, where and by whom? Thanks!

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Paul, i have property in 12N 6W (Goldonna area) not far from winn parish in Natch parish. We signed with SEI back in November of 07. They are presently doing work on my property now and should finish up in about a week or so....Do you have any seismic in your area and if you do where are you located?

We have land about 2 miles west of Dodson. I am not aware of any seismic activity in my vicinity. Our land was last leased a few years back, but not presently.

They have 3D siesmic equipment in the Brewton's Mill area in far North West Winn parish.
Hey, that's pretty close to Dodson. Hopefully they will want to extend their study eastward.
I have land in Chestnut and they are doing siesmic as we write.
We have property around the Cypress Creek community T13N-R4W. Snyder Oil out of Ft. Worth shot around a 60 sq. mi. 3-D seismic shoot in the area several years ago. I'd be surprised if another one was needed.
apparently someone felt North West Winn was worth a closer look because they are there now.
KSmith, i'm over in Goldonna they finished up over here about a week or so ago

natch n3
what sec twn range in norhtwest Winn?
they left me over in natch parish across the line in the goldonna area about a week in 12-12-6W


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