CLB Properties vs MRD Operating and Hunter Temple ??? Filed in Federal Court

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I am sure this has some significance, but I am not sure what it is?  


CLB vs MRD and Hunter Temple filed in Lincoln Parish then Federal Court then in Lincoln Parish now back in Federal Court.  A friend sent this to me.  This was filed yesterday.

see the entire lawsuit

both documents


I will read it.  Thanks.


see attached.


Can you post the motion to dismiss so that we can hear both sides?


I will

After reading that fireside chat, my money is on MRD.


what a circus!

After reading this I find no need to wonder why companies shy away from doing business in the State of Louisiana.

There are numerous suits filed in other states that are more void of cogent claims than the CLB case.  Doing so is not endemic to Louisiana. The suit seems to strive to heap as many complaints as possible before the court when IMO the only solid case is the non-payment of interest on royalties not paid within 120 days of first production - which is hardly worth the cost of litigation.

Anyone anywhere can sue for most anything.  Happens all the time.  IMO energy companies do not shy away from any state over suits like this.  In fact this type of suit is the cost of doing business in all states.


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