Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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Yep, if that is the actual IP, it is a failure. That will not pay out 12 million dollar wells. But maybe EOG is playing possum. We shall see.
I hear rumors about sentry doing some 3D seismic east of the well close to Avoyelles St. Landry parish line Did anybody else here about this Thanks
Go on Sonris and look at well serial #250209. Well completed on 8/27 (I think) they keep changing allowables and potential down. EOG downplaying well's success. JJ
That is why the production report is necessary to determine the decline. They can not slow play production, if that is in fact what they are doing.

I received a notice of intent to conduct a geophysical survey on my land from EOG that will be conducted by Dawson Geophysical, Inc.  Is this something that I should be paid for?  What is the going rate for surveys, if any? Any information is greatly appreciated.

Do you have a lease on this property with EOG? It may be covered to be included in your lease Paid Up term.

If not seems reasonable to request payment for access for a survey. In the long run if they find what they are looking for they will be offering a lease.

Yes.  I will look to see if it is covered in the lease.  Thank you for your response.

The EOG paperwork says that they have the right to do work on your property with no further payment because it is part of the lease terms.  They don't pay a lot anyway fi they were to have to pay. To me it's much better that they are interested since it could lead to bigger things.

Thank you for your response.  It is written in the lease terms.

They don't have to pay to perform the work, but they are obligated to compensate for any surface damage that they do.  If the land is farmed and they destroy or prevent part of the crop, then they will pay reasonable compensation.  But the equipment and methods used in modern seismic doesn't have as large of a footprint as in the old days, so they really don't have that much crop or surface damage.  They will drill holes to accept the charges and once the work is done they will (should) plug the holes and return the land to as before.  The crews are generally pretty good, but if they damage any fences or other surface property they are obligated to repair.

Another thing to consider is if you have a large track of land, you want coverage over your area.  You don't want to be a blind no permit area.


Just received notice for 3-D seismic from EOG / Sentry energy services


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