Anyone local to the Avoyelles area hearing anything about the Eagles Ranch Well? It appears that they recently finished drilling well and should be moving frac crews on location soon.

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There is a work permit listed for the side track but no work permit as yet for frac ops.  Availability of frac crews is difficult to ascertain.  It could take some weeks to have a completion crew on site.

L# 0427-17 06/28/2017 06/29/2018 SIDETRACK APPROVED 06/29/2017 20757 N INV#1158439 PLUGBACK PILOT HOLE; K/O SIDETRACK FOR HORIZONTAL SECTION OF WELL @ 15353'; DRILL TO MD OF 20757'

Live so close to this well I could almost throw a rock and hit it!  Unfortunately not in the unit by 1500 ft +-.  Hear it's a good well and being hooked up to nearby pipeline.  What's the latest SONRIS info? The next well is supposed to be a mile and a half northeast.  The map on the Tuscaloosa trend website is too small to read.  Supposedly this is the first of 3 test wells or they are going to drill 10 more immediately.  Trying not to get too excited LOL!

John, don't put too much stock in what you hear.  It is difficult to know, or even guess, how good this horizontal well may be until it is completed.  At this point it has only been drilled.  The work permit for the frac job was only issued yesterday.  It may be some time before a completion crew is available.  Since you live close enough to know when that happens, please give us a heads up.  There won't be any further information available until the well is completed and reported to the state.  That's when the well will have been hooked up to a pipeline.

L # 0493-17










Skip, where on SONRIS does one find a work permit to frack a well after drilling? 

Scroll to the very bottom of the well file on SONRIS Data Access.

I was unaware that the info was lurking at the lower end of the file, hiding in plain sight. Thanks! 

LOL!  First rule of a database researcher:  Make sure you see the entire data set.

As always thanks for the info.  Hard to provide info as I hear the security is tight even on the road leading up to well site.  Lots of activity just the same.

When completion operations commence, you won't need to get close.  They will go 24 hours a day and make plenty of noise.  Of course there will be a significant increase in traffic prior to completion ops.

Is this new well north of the Dominque 27 that Anadarko attempted several years ago?  If yes, can you tell me how close the two are? 

Thank you Jay.  I've received several solicitations in the past week regarding mineral rights.  I assumed it had to be due to this new well.  Things did not go as expected with the Dominique.  Hoping for a better outcome this time around.

Sentry (EOG) Eagles Ranch 14H-1 - Drilling Update

Posted: 18 Aug 2017 08:26 AM PDT

Sentry Energy Services (EOG) has completed the drilling process on the Eagles Ranch 14H-1. Note that a pilot hole was drilled before kicking out horizontally.  The drill times compare with the Louisiana Austin Chalk drilling phase that occurred in 2011.  A permit has been filed for the frac job. It sounds like 4288' will be the perf range.

Finally the rumors have started and the mineral buying speculators have shown up.  As always, they range from gusher to dry hole.  Always entertaining.

The first significant data point will appear 30-60 days after the frac job completes. Until then, we'll all have to be patient.  Note that this new Austin Chalk approach is different from the historical "naturally fractured" play. Review the prior posts regarding the Karnes Trough.

Drill times: Eagles Ranch 14H-1 compared to 2011 Louisiana Austin Chalk wells

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