Indigo has 4 wells permitted in DeSoto for 2 sections, 10-10N-14W and 15-10N-14W.  They have both pads built.  I heard today they are putting these off for a year.  Does anyone have any information?  Not sure how reliable the info was.  I know they built a staging pond for these already as well.  Just curious... Thanks for any info.

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Greg, the development pattern has changed significantly.  Part of that change is pad drilling multiple wells and the other part is multi-well completions.  The instances of fracking one well are getting fewer and further between.  Now operators wait until they have at least two, and sometimes more, drilled but not completed wells.  Some companies talk about zipper fracks but I don't as yet know if that is the proper terminology for Haynesville completions.  The Status 31 Code used to mean something different but now it usually signifies a drilled well that is Waiting On Completion.  I think that by reporting a well as a 31 that effectively puts it in limbo so the operator does not have to make any further reports to the state.  Scheduling a frack crew is another reason for delays.  The big downturn in prices a couple of years ago put some companies out of business and some that remained in business lost experienced employees when they curtailed operations.  I don't think you should worry about "completing the project", just have a little more patience. 

Skip thank you for your insight.  I have an interest in one of the wells and everything seemed to be in a hurry until the drilling was done and now nothing for months sitting with a 31 code.  Guess I will just have to wait and see.

You're welcome, Greg.  Considering the day rate for the most advanced top drive rigs, all operators are in a hurry to reach TD and release the rig.   Across all the major shale basins there are many wells waiting on completion.  It's normal.

As always, Skip, really appreciate your insight.

You're welcome.


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