We have a small acreage leased with old 1/8th interest in Desoto Parish. I have visited with Indigo and Exco and both plan to drill cross unit laterals there in 2018 but neither would commit to number of wells that would be drilled. There is one Haynesville producing on it now. I turned down $6000 an ac. but that may be the max market for it. I just thought it would be more with 2 levels of production. Any feedback is appreciated

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That's an aggressive offer considering that any additional wells are a year or more away...and there is no guarantee they will be drilled then.  For the same minerals with a quarter royalty, that would be $12,000/acre.  As far as I know, that is currently beyond the max market.

Thank you Skip. It is the only acreage we have with than decimal lease but it is held by an old lease by a Pugh Clause holding several contiguous sections. You discussed that recently on this board. Everyone thinks Pugh Clauses are only about depth but a lot of us have found out the hard way that they can also hold other lands. The Haynesville Shale has been a journey for a lot of us and a very educational journey I might add.  Thank you for the info and the response. K


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