Had a good few days in Dallas at the NARO convention.  Learned a lot... and learned a lot I don't know.  Two big topics were unitization in relationship to well stimulation... from Denbury Resources and the other... Deductions on royalty checks.  The presenter from Denbury took some heat... especially from Texas mineral owners... but it was respectful.  The association is also planning an educational course on royalty check deductions.  I missed the pipeline and surface issue presentations... but they should be on the NARO website soon.

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Thank you for the report Jack.  

We were told Sabine has its Harrison and Panola County wells for sale in a data room in Houston.  Sounds like you and I may have a new operator for our Samson and Sabine wells, if Sabine is also able to get their wells sold. Kathy

Kathy... WOW!   We're in the final stages with Sabine... according to our lawyer.  Thought it would be wrapped up by now.  Sort of depressing since we've spent a considerable amount of $$$ to negotiate.  What is a "data room".  How reliable do you think it is?  I wonder if the company is the one that bought some Northwest Louisiana minerals recently... to feed a new LNG terminal in south Louisiana?  I forgot the name of the company... run by the former founder of Cheniere... starts with a T.  Maybe it's Rockcliff again... who knows.  Send updates when you can.

Hi Jack, I will send you a message.  I was told one of the operators names, looking at the package. Kathy

Tellurian is the new LNG project started by Charif Souki, founder of Cheniere.  A data room is a secure location where interested buyers can review the technical and scientific data that a seller has compiled on the assets they are offering for sale.  The kind of data that might be available would include seismic, well logs, core samples, analysis of reservoir characteristics such as porosity and permeability, clay content, etc.

In this regard - has anyone heard more definitely that BHP is actively receiving offers on its Haynesville assets?



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