What is happening in Shelby County right now?

Quite a few companies associated with Oil & Gas are in Center Hotels right now. Is the work expected to be short term or is there prospects of it increasing?

In my opinion I don't feel that drilling can support itself right now, at least until nat. gas prices can sustain a price of at least $5+.

Anyone hear about any pipeline work related to the Haynesville Shale?

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XTO is rigging  up on   MINUTEMEN 1-H,above Hurstown.Scandrill Discoverer getting ready to spud....big cost savings if they drill 2H next....19800 and 19500ft respectively....Nat gas storage is getting really low and should keep prices up going into rest of the year $4+ ACCORDING TO BANK ANALYST AT BARKLEYS.

I would like to know where a good source is to get information about these stuff.

I am with 2 of the hotels and for example when I reach out to XTO, they don't know which office is dealing rig mentioned in your reply.

I have tried some membership subscriptions and haven't been to helpful.  I would appreciate some feedback on where to go for good quality information.  Obviously I would have to do homework and some digging to find out.

Thanks for your info and help.

Other than a company man or two most of the field personnel that might stay in your hotel do not work for XTO or any other energy company.  The personnel that drill the well and provide well services are sub-contractors and their suppliers.  If you want to reach out to some company in search of business you need to identify the drilling contractors working in your area.  You can do that by subscribing to a rig reporting service that publishes a weekly listing of operating rigs by area.  I use RigData for the Ark-La-Tex region.  $50/month.

Great.  I started a trial subscription.

Thanks for the info.


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