Has anyone received division orders for Phelps Unit (EOG)?

Does anyone have any production information concerning Phelps? 


Thanks for any information!

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Phelps #1H was completed 3-29-13. IP tested on 5-03-13 @ 14.289 MMcfd on a 19/64 choke with a 9230# flowing pressure. It made 48,338 mcf in March and 457,959 mcf in April. Lease ID # is 268323 and you should be able to find the May production right around the first of July using the Production Reports Query Form.

Thanks so much for the information .


Thanks for the information.  Just a point of clarification...the lease number you suggested

is pulling up Alexander Unit information from the RRC website.  Any suggestions?



JR, sorry about that. I guess my tri-focles got crossed up. That is the ID# for 405-30501: Alexander Unit #1H.

405-30500: Phelps Unit #1H does not have a lease ID yet so you will have to use the permit #741708 and set the well type to pending.

Hint: If the May production doesn't show up under the permit # on July 1 or 2, use the 'by operator' (2nd) search for pending production for EOG (Op ID #253162) because sometimes the figures will show up under the Op.ID right away but will take a little while to show up under the permit #. You will have to scroll through all of their pending wells which are listed alpha by field.

Thanks Jffree...using the permit number did the trick.  The RRC site can be a little difficult to navigate. 


As you said, Phelps made 457,959 mcf in April.  May dropped to 297,096 mcf.

Is it typical to see that large of a fluctuation in production from month to month?

What are some of the factors that would cause it to fluctuate?


Thanks in advance


I'm guessing that they choked the well down some after it cleaned up... which is not uncommon. It could also be that they shut the well down for part of the month due to  something mechanical. Next month will give a clearer picture but I wouldn't worry. 

JR, the lease ID for Phelps #1H is 268869.

Thank you sir...you were right, production rebounded!

Both the Phelps Unit and Alexxander wells were drilled on my property in the Cartwright survey, although I do not have a position in the Alexander pooling unit.  I have heard nothing about a DO or anything else from EOG.  Also am in the unit for another of their wells just west of the above two, the Chinaberry unit.  Nothing heard on that either thus far.

Thanks for the information George. 

Has anyone heard anything directly from EOG, like a division order,  on any of these wells (Alexander, Phelps Unit, or Chinaberry)?

FYI  Just received first royalty payments on both Phelps Unit and Chinaberry wells, but no DO received as yet


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