Does anyone have any thoughts on production of XTO's Warrior DU well? Was it refracked? There was typical decline from 259M Jan. 2011 to 40M Jan. 2013. Then there were 7 months with production over 200M.

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The -0- months are when they shut in the #1H to drill #1HB. It looks like the increase in production is because it is a combined total of the two wells (stacked laterals). The #1HB was completed in July last year.

The pending production figures for 2013 from the #1HB were migrated over and added to the #1H once the completion paperwork was approved in January.

July 2013     175,694 mcf

Aug. 2013    255,663 mcf

Sep. 2013    241,603 mcf

Oct. 2013     231,445 mcf

Nov. 2013     205,818 mcf

Dec. 2013    185,416 mcf

The difference in the reported figures and these is production from the #1H. I don't have separate figures from January forward.

Gas and oil stacked or condensate? What depth?

All gas, no condensate from these HA wells in San Augustine. Warriors #1H has a 12,985' TVD (Haynesville). Warriors #1HB has a 12,608' TVD (Bossier). The wells are stacked because they have two different surface holes but the same bore path and the same allocated acreage, technically two wells but not... for reporting and allocation purposes.



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