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Nabors Drilling 624 reported Moving On, 2/20, with Projected Spud Date 2/21.

They just got it  standing it up about 11:00 ....

It's getting to be a rare occurrence.  Nabors 624 is one of the last two rigs drilling the TMS. 

Where s the X 17 now ???    I think they drove 2 drive pipes here ....Maybe a double..


X17 no longer appears in the weekly rig report. 

Nabors Drilling 624 reported 5 days Drilling Ahead @ 4122', 2/27.

I can see it lit up from my house....

I just hope it's not so close that you can hear it.

We are 2 miles east....I could hear it running this morning in the distance......I know my friends next door to it can hear it good.....

Nabors Drilling 624 reported 12 days Drilling Ahead @ 10,332'', 3/6.

Nabors Drilling 624 reported 19 days Drilling Ahead @ 12,560', 3/13.


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