Does anyone know of a reason why the map from LA mineral board that was published in the Shreveport Times last weekend shows such a drastic line excluding most of Winn Parish?

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James, to answer your ? is NO, i don't know why. Honestly, this map is the LA mineral interpretation and not a factual interpretation of where the final H-Shale area will be or any formation area that will be productive. I personally know of a great deal of seismic work going on in my area of natchitoches parish right across the Winn Parish line. I do believe there are parts of Winn Parish that is in this Seismic area that is being contracted by Chesapeake. Until the shoots are completed and the professionals actually interpret the readings. NOBODY can give any definites in this play. Time will tell. We all would love to see our areas incompassed on some new map but until that final map is out it is ever changing. I would suspect that in a few more months the landscape shaded map that we see today will have changed once more.

hope this helps you out
natch n3
Because there's no Haynesville there?
Papa, I believe there is.
Don't want to be a wet blanket, but why do you think so?
I believe so too bl !
because there is active siesmic work going on in Western Winn Parish and the Parishes directly conecting are in the shale. Why not Winn?
Don't get me wrong. I own land and minerals in Winn Parish. But the only maps I've seen of the play are the Petrohawk map and the state's map. Winn's not on either of them. The Haynesville is supposedly too deep there for the current technology but that could change.
I believe that our Haynesville in parts of Winn is at about 15,000 feet. I come to this conclusion from several different sources that primarily were interested in the salt basin and general geology. My question is: is 15,000 vertical with another 3,000-4,000 horizontal either outside of the realm of current technology or is it not fianancially feasible at this time? I think that the shale could be 200-250 ft thick here because of the salt formations.
James, what is it that you are relying on to confirm the shale thickness in Winn? By chance are you a geologist or know one because you are pretty informed as to the directional depths. I'm in Natchitoches and would to believe that we are in the shale and the thickness is 200-225. That would be a great thing.

Natch N3
I am not a geologist although I know a few. They don't have any better idea of what is down there than we do! I base my beliefs upon limited research available on the net. Although Winn is not currently considered " in the play" I do think that will change.
I'm west of winn in the goldonna area and I have no idea what the makeup of my area any information you can share is very helpful...thanks!



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