Does anybody know of any lease offers going on in Winn Parish?

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Hopefully, the O&G companies will see good results from the seismic survey being done in Natchitoches and Winn. Maybe then we will start to hear from them.
We have property in Bienville Parish that the seismic survey is permitted to be done in Sep-Oct. We also have not heard anything. I think the O&G guys may be waiting on the results or they are just in overload.
I leased some of my land in northwest Winn Parish last December. I was wondering if anyone else has leased or has any information about what is going on in other parts of the parish. I was told by a geologist that there maybe a different formation in Winn which could be as significant as Haynesville.
We leased in o6 for three years at 500.00 an acre. Still have 80 acres unleased and will wait to see if hs comes down there. What about the well at Dodson, La. We cannot find out anything about it. A well drilled in Calwell Parish into the hs and it was dry. Looks like they are looking for the outer edge. We have also heard there is a gray sand under the HS that is about20,000 ft that looks good. We live in Webster and are up 12,000&25%

what well are you referring to in "Caldwell Parish into the hs" and where can I find info on that well? where in caldwell was it drilled? the latest la off min res map shows hs under most of caldwell and into franklin. one of my tracts is in ne winn (just s of sikes) within the current projected boundaries of the map so am just curious. the lomr map does show "active leases" in ne caldwell outside of boundary...was dry hole drilled there? i leased winn tract in '03 but no drilling and option wasn't exercised...weren't looking for hs, though, probably shallower sikes salt dome interest...shallow wells in the vicinity.
I was told about this well from a friend who is in the oil business. He would not say anymore about where it was. I think he said more than he was suppose to. Our property is NE of Sikes. We had a company out of Jena try to lease the land that is not leased and we turned it down. He did not want to pay anything per acrea

I think that your friend is mistaken. I sat in on a public meeting that was given by Marjorie McKeithen (she is the Secretary for the La. State Mineral Board) back in September of this year. She is a large landowner in Caldwell Parish. She was back home for her high school reunion and decided to have a public forum to update the local citizens on the Haynesville shale in regards to Caldwell Parish.

By her own admission she stated that it is unknown if the Haynesville Shale is present in Caldwell Parish because nobody has yet drilled to a depth in which the Haynesville showed up. She stated that the deepest known wells drilled in Caldwell Parish to date were wells drilled by Anadarko in 2005 (down to a depth of around 17,700') and that the Haynesville did not show up on any of the logs for these wells. She stated that she is watching a well that Clayton Williams is currently drilling in Richland Parish (Ser. No. 237918) right across the Boeuf River from Caldwell Parish that is permitted to 18,000 feet. On the drilling permit, it is stated that the target zone is the Bossier Sand. She also stated in this meeting that the staff geologists for the Office of Mineral Resources believe that if the Haynesville is present in Caldwell Parish, it would be at a depth of around 20,000 feet or so.

I did some checking on SONRIS and was unable to find any information about any 20,000 foot wells being drilled in Caldwell Parish. While a vertical well can be drilled to a depth of 20,000 feet, it is my understanding that there is no current technology/equipment in existence that would allow for a horizontal well to be drilled at this deep a depth.
I spoke to two people this week, one around the crossroads of hwy 126 and 505, he said that he was offered $400.00 per, and the other was east of there on hwy 126 west of Dodson just west of the big pipe line, no $ told.
Are they drilling a deep well in Dodson? We were told they were but can not fine out anything about it. bl
Do you know who's leasing?
Does anyone know of landmen active in Winn Parish. I know some leasing is going on in the northwest part but was wondering if anyone has heard of any more? Also any info on what the latest seismic studies in Winn and Natchitoches has found. They have been there quite a while and are expected to continue through the end of the year. Is there seismic activity going on around Olla or in Caldwell Parish?


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