Partial Section 24 and full Section 25 - 9N - 4W (+/- 960 acres), White Oak Creek Field.

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Joe, Hope you are right and they continue to drill. They must think it is worthwhile since they continue to come back. Have not heard any word on the Grant Parish well since I mentioned it back in August. Thanks to you and Skip for the updates.

I have seen on the Sonris Lite where Devon has reached total depth on the third well drilled in Winn Parish waiting on completion. Have you heard any good news about this well. As we have learned from Skip, Devon makes very few public comments.

Joe, Like you I read on Sonris that the well was at the completion stage. Hope the long lateral proves out. Heard that the vertical well in Grant was a dry hole.Will let you know if I hear any more info. Heard there was some leasing down in the area, don't know how much.

I see the third well that Devon has drilled Winn Parish is in the flow back process,does anyone know when we will see production numbers

I notice that the third well Devon has drilled is still in the flow back process since 12-27-2012 is this normal or could there be possible problems.

The flowback you refer to Joe was frac fluid from one or more frac stages as opposed to "flowing" the well.  It's not unusual for there to be a lag between completing a well and turning it to sales usually related to a pipeline connection.  When Devon can flow the well unrestricted by no pipeline connection there will be an allowable test and a completion report.  I see no reason to be concerned at this time.

Has anyone on this website have any knowledge of what's going on on the third well that Devon drilled in Winn Parish other than Sonirs Lite reports that is still in flowback.

The well was P&A 8-13-13


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