When a said production unit with multiple well signs at the entry gate indicates subsequent "wells"  drilled after the initial well... how/why are they designated "Alt"? What creates the label "Alt"?

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The first well in a unit is the unit well.  All subsequent wells drilled in that unit are alternate unit wells and are designated with numbers:  Alt-1, Alt-2, etc.  Now depending on the surface location of a particular well, the well names may be different but that doesn't matter.  What matters is that all the wells have the same unit designation:  HA RA SUR, for example.  When an operator wishes to get permission to drill alternate unit wells they must apply to the Office of Conservation for spacing approval.  For example, Haynesville Shale horizontal wells can not have a perforated lateral located any closer than 330' from unit boundaries on the east and west sides of sections and must be 660' apart (330' for both adjacent wells) within the unit. 

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