Is anybody here owed royalties from Chesapeake and can't collect from them? A year ago I discovered I was owed substantial money from Chesapeake, going back over several years. I have 100% rock solid proof/evidence that Chesapeake owes me the money, yet last week I received their "final answer" that they have no money for me.

For almost a year, Chesapeake kept stalling me, and would not reply to calls, email, or snail mail. Then when Covey Park took over, I was informed by Chesapeake that Covey Park was responsible for my money, and of course Covey Park tells me they are only responsible for any royalties since they assumed ownership last spring.

Is anybody else here in a similar situation with Chesapeake?

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Hayes, many members, over the years, have had royalty disputes with Chesapeake for numerous reasons.  It is quite difficult for anyone to provide specific comments without some more specific detail from you.  Are you willing to receive and answer some basic questions?


How did you discover that you were owed money by Chesapeake?  Were you receiving royalty payments and were underpaid?  Or if not, were you not recognized as an ownership interest in that particular drilling unit?  What documentation of ownership do you refer to as 100% rock solid? Do any other family members have an ownership interest associated with yours?

Skip Peel....would you please email me at
Thank you!
Hayes McDole

Hayes, you're welcome.  Please send me a friend request and then you will have access to my personal page which has my off site email address.

You need a lawyer, or you would not be asking these questions. Swallow the pride and get going.


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