For starters we pay .13 cents per KWH Germany pays .36 cents. They pay over 2 1/2 times more than us.

They won't even make their 2020 carbon emissions-reduction goal, having cut 30% instead of the 40% that Merkel promised.

20 percent of their renewable capacity isn't used. Only 1/3 of Germany's electricity is generated by renewables. Thats a steep cost for 1/3 renewable production.

Natural gas accounts for 9% of their generation. In the U.S. it's 30%.

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Can't read.  Pay wall.

Making electricity is a tricky business.  We shouldn't be hammering on Germany when they have taken the steps to move away from fossil fuels so quickly.  The German gov. is trying to figure out how we can make green energy work.  At this point in time, going green has placed every electrical system in jeopardy, including ours. 

No one has figured out how to keep the Utility companies in business, their billion dollar electric machines have to run at full output for them to make a profit.  We want the Utilities to idol their coal burners and only use them when the sun is not shinning, the wind not blowing, or at night.  This is like running an empty bus around town just in case someone's car breaks down and they need a ride.  Can't make money with an empty bus.

Our grid was set up with central power stations sending power out to all sections of service areas.  This power was a predictable number and the Utilities did a good job of matching power output with power consumption.  With all the small green producers, this is becoming more difficult each year.  The state of Hawaii is in trouble now, and we'll be watching them solve their green problem. 


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