With the crowded courthouses, and more guys coming, seems like there should be a blog about the Permian Basin Shale play.

Chesapeake is most active , as is Petro Hunt,and others.

Price is leases appears to be fairly reasonable.

Activity really picking up.

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Any particular counties of interest?


I've noticed the court houses being significantly busier than normal including counties with little to no activity in recent years. 

Sandridge and Callon are two others doing well there.
art, start a GHS group for the Permian Basin, but be prepared to moderate.  LOL!
How about Howard County.  Have some minerals there.
I think this is a little far from the Haynesville Shale Play to start organizing by counties.  LOL!  If the Permian Basin Group draws sufficient member interest, it can divide into county groups.  Horse before the cart, JHH.
I agree with Skip. A Permian Basin group would suffice for all 5 of us that have an interest.
Only until your site posts start showing up on the Internet.  And then you will have more company.  That's the way it has worked in the past.  And why we have an Eagle Ford and a Fayetteville Shale group.  We'd probably have a Marcellus Shale Group also but Keith started another website for them.  GoMarcellusShale.com
We have a Central Texas Group, too, not that it gets much traffic.  I'd call it the Permian Basin Group, if it were up to me.  If you called it the West Texas Group, pretty soon you'd have to have one for New Mexico... and then Colorado would feel left out.
Considering at one point, both of those states were a part of Texas, they'll just have to deal with it.

Could that be because it is primary gas?

What... the lack of traffic?  It's conventional so they didn't get over-run like we did thus nobody is seeing anything unusual to go look up.  Ears are starting to perk up now, though, due to renewed interest in the Woodbine and talk of the Eagle Ford or a possible "Eaglebine" play.

The Woodbine/Eaglebine is a VERY attractive play. Acreage in Brazos,Grimes,Leon, and Anderson is hard to come by and not cheap.


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