It's been quiet for a long time - - have there been any wells drilled or any lease offers?  Shelby Co. has made a lot of gas over the years.  Is it profitable enough to keep going? - GR

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I was in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, last week, and word is there are 10 drilling rigs working there, after quite an absence.

Hayes, beware of unfounded rumors.  As of last Friday there were 4 rigs drilling in Bossier Parish.  3 in S Bossier drilling Haynesville Shale and 1 in N Bossier drilling Cotton Valley.  Since the first of the year there have been between 2 and 4 rigs drilling in Bossier in an average week.

I have been approached by a Haynesville operator to lease my 40 acres in Southern Desoto  Has anyone had any lease bonus offers for Haynesville/Bossier , Cotton valley in Desoto parish it is not HBP, what is reasonable these days 

Indigo Minerals 11n 15w section 32 in far south Desoto Parish.  $1500 an acre and 1/4 royalty.    

We shall see, GR. Tana Exp. is drilling a hz CV well there now. They are the first, since 2011, to target CV with a hz well in Shelby Co. Noble Energy and Classic Operating drilled hz. CV in 2010-2011 but pretty much abandoned the effort since. XTO still has a handful of open HA permits on the east side of the county. There's been no activity in the James Lime for a decade. Cabot was the last operator doing any drilling in JL and they stopped that to drill HA and then moved on to the Marcellus.

Will there be any new leasing in Webster Parish?


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