Obama Claiming Credit for Fossil-Fuel Gains Angers Industry

Obama Claiming Credit for Fossil-Fuel Gains Angers Industry

President Barack Obama is taking credit for higher U.S. oil and gas production and lower imports, angering industry groups and Republicans who say he is working against domestic energy production.

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Listening to state of the union....... HE IS DEFINITELY PLAYING POLITICS!

That stupid moron would take credit for anything that would help him get elected, and there are some people, a lot of people that beleave this liar.  After all All Gore invented the internet. Obama is not a mooslem or a socialist  or a Keynian.

although he is a keynesian :P

Be nice if he would come up with an idea to promote NG for transportation fuel..huh?

T-Boone probably wouldn't be too offended..

No down what so ever he is working against domestic energy production. working against cutting the deficit with help from the republicians . time for a change. a big change. take a look at the new report "the obama economic record" The middle class people are completely disapearing, yet he wants to cut medicaid, medicare, social security and welfare.  why don't we start the cuts at the top where the big money is. say, people like Romney, he is paying less percent of tax than i do and he made 20 million or so. doesn't make sense to start cutting the lower class people when they are struggling to make it.  with the 20 million in one year, i would never have to worry about anything for the rest of my life. wake up people.


Off topic, political rant.  Go away.

On topic for the American people. You go away.

drivel? Just real life for American people. You live in a Obammy dream world.  good luck, sir, have a good day.

Thread jacking must bother you. this is politics at its best.  It is all the same to me. His speech, part of which i have read today, is loaded with BS, as usual. Romney is politics, Obama is politics, what is the difference. If Romney is the republican nomonee, he will recieve my vote, but i won't be too happy about it. The president has very little to do with the development of shale/gas/fracking like he had very little to do with the killing of bin laddy. But I have had my say whether it is thread jacking or what. Shale gas has provided me with a few extra dollars, but at the moment is not producing the dollars needed nor the production needed. and Obama is slowing the sales and offshore drilling down and hurting the job market something awful bad. Have a good day, sir;

the politics of division continues apace


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